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A - Access Rights to ASCII

B - Backup to BTRFS

C - CANON_DC to Cross-linked Files

D - DAS to Dynamic Disk

E - ECC to External Hard Drive

F - Failed Disk to fsck

G - Gigabyte to GUID

H - Hard Drive to Hybrid Disk

I - IDE to Internal Drive

J - JBOD to Jumper

L - LBA to LVM

M - Megabyte to Motherboard

N - NAS to Nuke & Pave

O - Operator Error to Overwritten Data

P - Parallel ATA to PSU

Q - QNAP to Quota

R - RAID to Resident File

S - SAS to Synology Hybrid RAID

T - Tailpacking to TrueCrypt

U - UDMA to USB Thumbdrive

W - WD to Write-Through Cache




NAS (Network Attached Storage) - the device to store data which is connected and accessed over the network.


NETGEAR - the company, which produces NAS devices, WiFi routers, and other network devices.

Non-resident file

Non-resident file (in NTFS) - file for which the name and properties are stored in the MFT, but the file data is stored outside the MFT.


Northbridge - a part of the motherboard chipset which provides a high speed connection from CPU to memory and graphic controller.


NTFS (New Technology File System) - the filesystem used in Windows (usually it is used for hard drives).

Nuke & Pave

Nuke & Pave - to fix a computer by formatting the hard drives clean and reinstalling a new copy of the operating system with all required software.

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