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A - Access Rights to ASCII

B - Backup to BTRFS

C - CANON_DC to Cross-linked Files

D - DAS to Dynamic Disk

E - ECC to External Hard Drive

F - Failed Disk to fsck

G - Gigabyte to GUID

H - Hard Drive to Hybrid Disk

I - IDE to Internal Drive

J - JBOD to Jumper

L - LBA to LVM

M - Megabyte to Motherboard

N - NAS to Nuke & Pave

O - Operator Error to Overwritten Data

P - Parallel ATA to PSU

Q - QNAP to Quota

R - RAID to Resident File

S - SAS to Synology Hybrid RAID

T - Tailpacking to TrueCrypt

U - UDMA to USB Thumbdrive

W - WD to Write-Through Cache



Hard drive

Hard drive - a device to store data which uses mechanically moving parts - heads and platters.

Hardware RAID

Hardware RAID - an array which is managed by a standalone controller which can be ether integrated into a motherboard or just be a dedicated unit with its own CPU, cache memory and so on.


HLC (Hardware Compatibility List) - is a list of hardware tested by the device vendor for compatibility. For example, HCL for a NAS includes a list of hard drives which are compatible with the NAS device.

Head crash

Head crash - a disk failure related to a mechanical contact of disk head with platter.


Hexadecimal - a numeral system with base of 16. Decimal numbers 0-9 and Latin letters from A to F are used to represent hexadecimal numbers.

HFS and HFS+

HFS and HFS+ (Hierarchical File System) - the filesystems used in MacOS.


Hotspare - a spare part already installed in the system in anticipation of a component failure. When one of the active components fails, a hotspare is activated immediately without requiring any human interaction. Typically used for hard drives in RAIDs.


Hotswap - a process of replacing a system component "on the fly" (without turning the system off). Components are divided into those which support hotswap (e.g. hard drives in RAID 5) and those which don't (CPUs, graphics cards).


HPA (Host Protected Area) - a hidden part of a hard drive which is not accessible to an operating system.

Hybrid disk

Hybrid disk - a hard drive with large cache based on a non-volatile (flash) memory. Such disks provide less energy consumption and overall better speeds.

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