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CANON_DC to Cross-linked Files

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A - Access Rights to ASCII

B - Backup to BTRFS

C - CANON_DC to Cross-linked Files

D - DAS to Dynamic Disk

E - ECC to External Hard Drive

F - Failed Disk to fsck

G - Gigabyte to GUID

H - Hard Drive to Hybrid Disk

I - IDE to Internal Drive

J - JBOD to Jumper

L - LBA to LVM

M - Megabyte to Motherboard

N - NAS to Nuke & Pave

O - Operator Error to Overwritten Data

P - Parallel ATA to PSU

Q - QNAP to Quota

R - RAID to Resident File

S - SAS to Synology Hybrid RAID

T - Tailpacking to TrueCrypt

U - UDMA to USB Thumbdrive

W - WD to Write-Through Cache




CANON_DC - a default memory card name set by the Canon cameras, like Canon PowerShot, during format.

Capacity clipping

Capacity clipping - a phenomenon where the usable storage device size is less than its nominal or advertised size.

Card reader

Card reader - a device to read data from memory cards.


Caviar - a family of hard drives by Western Digital.


CHKDSK - the program to check the consistency and possibly to repair the errors in Windows filesystems.

Click of death

Click of death - clicking sound produced by a failed disk.


Cluster - a minimum unit of disk space used in a filesystem.

Complete format

Complete format - a type of the format process when data is deleted irreversibly (in this case it is impossible to recover data). See also quick format.


Compression (in filesystems) - the technology to save a disk space. A filesystem driver can compress data using algorithms similar to those used in ZIP. For the first time this technology has been implemented in Stacker (created by Stac Electronics) circa 1990, also Microsoft has used it in MS-DOS 6.0 (DoubleSpace). Currently, the compression is used in NTFS and ZFS.


Copy-on-write - see Deduplication.

Crash dump

Crash dump - a snapshot of the system memory in the moment of a system crash. It allows determining which of the system components caused the system crash.


CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Code) - the method of calculating a checksum, used to detect errors in data streams.

Cross-linked files

Cross-linked files - a filesystem error when a cluster is marked as belonging to several files at the same time, thereby making several files share the same disk space.

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