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A - Access Rights to ASCII

B - Backup to BTRFS

C - CANON_DC to Cross-linked Files

D - DAS to Dynamic Disk

E - ECC to External Hard Drive

F - Failed Disk to fsck

G - Gigabyte to GUID

H - Hard Drive to Hybrid Disk

I - IDE to Internal Drive

J - JBOD to Jumper

L - LBA to LVM

M - Megabyte to Motherboard

N - NAS to Nuke & Pave

O - Operator Error to Overwritten Data

P - Parallel ATA to PSU

Q - QNAP to Quota

R - RAID to Resident File

S - SAS to Synology Hybrid RAID

T - Tailpacking to TrueCrypt

U - UDMA to USB Thumbdrive

W - WD to Write-Through Cache




Backup - the process of copying data from one physical storage device to another. The backup is done in order to avoid losing data should the storage fail or should there be an operator error.

Bad sector

Bad sector - a failed sector which is no longer readable, usually on a hard drive.


Barracuda - a family of hard drives by Seagate.


BartPE - the tool which allows to create a bootable Windows CD from a Windows setup disc.

Basic disk

Basic disk - a term used in Windows for the most widespread technology of disk partitioning, using MBR and Extended Partitions. It is not possible to create a software RAID on a basic disk under Windows (with the exception of Windows NT 4.0).


BeyondRAID - is a technology used to combine disks in Drobo devices. Although it is based on the main RAID principles, it is still a completely different storage technology. BeyondRAID is somewhat similar to MS Storage Spaces but operates with much smaller blocks located more randomly on member disks.


BIOS - the software providing access to connected devices of a computer. The BIOS is stored in a read-only memory of a mainboard or a controller.


Bitmap (in disk space allocation) - an array of bits which stores information about which of clusters are empty and which are occupied.

Block size

Block size - size of the data block used in striping.

Boot order

Boot order - a priority which is configured in BIOS Setup. System queries the connected devices in order of this priority to start an operating system.

Boot sector

Boot sector - the first sector on the partition which stores filesystem parameters and a small bootstrap program (if the partition is bootable).

Bootable CD

Bootable CD - a CD or DVD disc from which you can boot a system. These are often called Windows Live CD and Linux Live CD for an operating system in use.


BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) - the well-known name for a system error message in Windows.


B-tree - a data structure. B-tree is used to store data when frequent and fast search, but relatively infrequent changes are needed. Various implementations of B-trees are used for directory and file indexing in NTFS, HFS, HFS+, ext3, ext4, and some other file systems.


BTRFS (B-tree File System) - is a feature-rich filesystem based on the B-tree structures used in Linux operating system. The list of features includes copy-on-write, snapshots, checksums, compression and others.
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